Namgyel Lhendrup and Pema Choki | Interns

The new four-lane road between Kawajangsa and Jungshina has become prone to vehicle accidents that worry pedestrians and residents nearby.

Recently, a pickup truck hit an old woman. Residents said they have witnessed frequent accidents on the stretch of road.

A resident, Kinzang said, “Speeding and vehicle congestion on the roadside are our concern.”

“With the cars parked along the road and on the footpaths, it is risky for pedestrians. Cars are driving over the speed limit and there are no zebra crossings or speed bumpers,” another resident said.

“I have witnessed about five separate accidents. Even a streetlight pole was damaged by a car,” a resident said.

“I have children so it really scares me,” a parent said.

According to the traffic police officer in-charge, they have informed the Thimphu thromde office about the proper requirements.

“We’ve reported to the thromde about the need for road signs and posts as well as road dividers. Since it is not in our jurisdiction, we can only pitch it to the thromde,” he said.

He said that traffic police have been monitoring the traffic, and those who parked illegally for two weeks on the road have been warned. “After that, they were penalised.”

The thromde official said that for the time being, the management has decided not to have dividers. This is done with the hope that the public change their mindset about needing barriers to be able to follow traffic rules effectively. However, the official said that speed limit signage, as well as speed breakers, will be installed soon.

The thromde will also install CCTV cameras to help monitor speeds, as well as to check for traffic violations.

“Now that the four-lane road from Kawajangsa to Jungshina is nearing completion, there have been increasing cases of speeding causing accidents, damaging public property, and also threatening the safety of pedestrians,” stated the thromde office’s post on its social media page a few weeks ago. The office asked the public to be mindful and responsible while driving to ensure safety.