Punakha—The rising number of stray dogs and dog bite cases in Khuruthang town in Punakha has sparked concern among residents.

Khuruthang Lower Secondary School has recently recorded four bite cases.

Khuruthang town in Guma gewog reportedly has 682 dogs, counting both pet and free roaming dogs.

Dzongkhag veterinary officer, Dr Rinchen Tshering, said that dog population in Khuruthang town and nearby gewogs was being monitored.

Punakha has achieved 100 percent sterilisation under the Nationwide Dog Population Management & Rabies Control Programme (NADPM & RCP).

“If there are lactating mothers with pups and un-neutered dogs roaming in the town, people can say there is an increase in the number of free-roaming dogs which is not the case here. We have not received dog bite case so far. So, we cannot comment on the issue,” Dr Rinchen Tshering said.

The town residents are being advised to manage their food waste to address the issue of stray dogs. “Where there is food, dogs tend to gather in groups, which can be dangerous as they may attack people.”

The dzongkhag has a total of 3,394 dogs, counting both free roaming and pet.

Recently, four new dogs were sighted in the town and were sterilised.

Since last year up to May 2024, Punakha Dzongkhag Hospital documented 33 cases of dog bites. In 2023, 20 cases were reported and 13 till May, 2024.

From January 2023 to May 2024, Punakha Dzongkhag Hospital recorded 33 cases of dog bites. In 2023 alone, 20 cases were reported.