A few plan to resign

LG: While the Election Commission of Bhutan (ECB) has already announced the second round of the Local Government (LG) elections in June, most incumbent local leaders in Bumthang are yet to decide whether to re-contest.

Those undecided include the gups of Chumey, Chokhor, Tang and Ura.

“I haven’t considered re-contesting but I would definitely step down if someone more capable and competent than me is contesting,” Ura gup, Dorji Wangchuk said.

Dorji Wangchuk will make his decision based on other contesting candidates.

“But as now, no one has come forward despite a number of graduates from Ura being unemployed,” he said. “Possibly from the fear of inability to win votes as youth wouldn’t know much about the local governance and issues remote to rural areas,” he added.

Tang gup, Thinley Namgay, who being the eldest in his family also has other responsibilities to consider.

“If I contest again, I am confident of delivering better to people with past five years of experience but then again, I am also confounded with responsibilities of looking after my family’s business,” he said.

Chumey gup, Tandin Phurba and Chokhor gup, Sangla are also undecided.

“If people want me to re-contest then I might have to take part again,” Sangla said.

At 62, Tandin Phurba said since he is still eligible he is thinking about his next move. “I think I will be able to decide later when the elections are around the corner,” he said.

But Ura mangmi, Karma Wangdi and Chokhor mangmi, Tashi Wangdi plan to resign.

“I won’t re-contest because of a shortage of helping hands at home as my wife is left by herself with bunch of frail elderly family members and children,” Karma Wangdi said.

While Tashi Wangdi is resigning in 2016, some chiwog tshogpas are already eyeing the mangmi’s post in Chokhor.

Dhur tshogpa, Pema Tshewang said he will not re-contest for the tshogpa post but may contest for the mangmi post. “Some people want me to contest for mangmi though right now I can’t say for sure if I will contest but I might have to if it’s the wish of most of the people,” Pema Tshewang said.

In Ura, contestants who were defeated in the first LG elections in 2011 are also likely to compete for the mangmi post.

Meanwhile, Chumey mangmi, Kelzang is one of the incumbent local leaders who has already decided to re-contest.

“My next contest will definitely be for gup since I have already served as mangmi for 10 years,” Kelzang said. He added that others should have the opportunity to serve as mangmi.

While most are shying away from the upcoming elections, some incumbent tshogpas are also likely to make a return.

“I am thinking of re-contesting for tshogpa,” Chungphel tshogpa, Phuntsho said.

Tempa Wangdi, Bumthang