Nima | Gelephu

Inmates of an open-air prison (OAP) in Tareythang, Sarpang, are in quarantine to be sent back to prisons in Trashigang and Thimphu after the inmates engaged in a violent brawl last week.

The video of the brawl went viral on Facebook on May 8.

In the video, a prisoner was seen hitting another inmate with a cricket bat and the other prisoner retaliated with a knife. Many prisoners were trying to stop the fight.

The video was, however, deleted by May 9 evening.

Sources in Gelephu, who are familiar with the prisoners, said it took hours to settle the fight that evening.

A source said the officials on duty were attacked with stones and they couldn’t control the fight.  “There were 15 officials looking after 150 inmates.”

Sources also said the inmates were under the influence of alcohol.

Although police officials engaged in the project refused to comment, sources said three prisoners involved in the fight were immediately brought to Chamgang and an inquiry has been initiated.

According to a source, 45 police personnel have been deployed at the site following the incident.

It was learnt about 150 prisoners were taken to Tareythang three months ago from Trashigang, Thimphu and Sarpang to work for the project.

A source said the prisoners were brought to OAP for positive results but it did not happen as expected.