Update: Royal Bhutan Police’s weeklong search for the felon who murdered a 16-year-old-boy and his grandmother on August 5 in Kingarubten, Trongsa is still on.

Both the deceased were found dead in their house on August 6 morning. The police since then have been relentlessly combing the forests, highway, villages and community gatherings for information and evidence that could lead to the suspect.

Although rigorous investigation has led to the detention of two suspects since August 6, police are yet to establish concrete evidences to interrogate them. “Police have not got anything to begin with the interrogation,” a senior police official from Trongsa said.

The official said that while forensic team calibrated by two tracker dogs also carried out the investigations, it might be sometime before the forensic results arrive.

“Whatever were found during the investigation from the crime scene has been submitted to the headquarters,” the senior police official said, adding that investigations are still on.

A few days ago, the investigation team also searched through the forest above and below the Zhemgang highway in Kingarubten in search of the murder weapon.

“I think only a pair of shoes were found, which is also yet to be confirmed if it belonged to the suspect,” Kingarubten tshogpa, Tshewang said.

Tshewang also said that the police are hunting for the weapon possibly, a patang (sword) whose sheath was found in the boy’s room.

The police also held a meeting with the people of Drakteng on August 12.

“People have been asked to cooperate in search of culprits, gathering evidences and providing information for the successful arrest,” Tshewang said, adding both community and gewog are equally engaged in facilitating the investigation.

Tempa Wangdi, Bumthang