To resolve most of the schools related problems in non-central schools, establishment of another 60 central schools has become important, education minister Norbu Wangchuk said, during the question hour session at the National Assembly on May 26.

Responding to Panbang’s members of parliament, Dorji Wangdi, Lyonpo Norbu Wangchuk informed the house that the problems faced by the non-central schools existed even before the 60 central schools were established.

“The problems faced by the non-central schools were not because of introduction of central schools,” Lyonpo said.

MP Dorji Wangdi had asked the education minister on the government’s plans and strategies to improve the conditions of non-central schools.

“We see lot of issues faced by central schools in social media and mainstream media like Yurung, Gyalpozhing, Autsho and Dorokha central schools,” Dorji Wangdi said. “If the central schools, which are not supposed to have problems, are faced with various problems, what about non-central schools and what is the government doing to resolve this issue?”

Lyonpo explained that the government was concerned of the existing problems and never ignored the non-central schools. The establishment of central schools, he said was to address the problems.

“The government has allocated Nu 9 M (million) as budget for non-central schools to renovate the infrastructure, manage schooling system and supply resources,” Lyonpo said. “These issues are not new and has been prevailing for years.”

Lyonpo stated that some of the existing problems were insufficient school assets, lack of teaching materials, lack of hostel accommodations, dinning hall and informal hostels.

“When People Democratic Party became the ruling government, we not only took over the 662 schools and 177,006 students, but also the issues and problems together,” Lyonpo said. “After visiting schools and analysing the issues and challenges, we concluded that there is a need to establish central schools.”

It was for this reason Lyonpo said that if 120 central schools are established in the country, most challenges and issues faced by non-central schools today would be addressed.

Tashi Chophel