Coronation Cup 2018, which saw the least number of teams participate, concluded with competitive finals between Thimphu Magics and Jachungs in men’s category and Majas and Taras in women’s category on May 19 in Thimphu.

Men’s finals saw Jachungs win the cup title for the second time. The team last won the championship in 2015.

It was a disappointment for Thimphu Magics when the team had to settle for the runners-up trophy after playing the final for three consecutive years.

Jachungs defeated Thimphu Magics 74-66 to win the championship.

In the four-basket win over Thimphu Magics, Jachungs was leading the score with one basket in the third quarter. The quarter ended 59-57. However, Jachungs played strong in the final quarter to seal the championship.

Thimphu Magics featured in the Coronation Cup finals continuously after winning the championship in 2016.

Rinzin Wangchuk of Jachungs was named most valuable player in men’s category after collecting 19 points, 11 rebounds, and four assists.

In the three consecutive finals played by the team, Thimphu Magics lost to Delinquents last year.

Considered one of the most coveted basketball tournaments, the competition tipped-off with about 60 percent less men teams. The number of women teams has also declined.

The previous edition of the tournament was organised between June and August. However, the Bhutan Basketball Federation began the tournament early this year as it received funds from Bhutan Olympic Committee.

The first finals was played between defending champions Taras and Majas in women’s category.

Despite playing finals two times in two years, Taras lost to Majas 41-53. The latter won the final with six baskets to win the championship.

The finals saw Euden Tenzin of Majas named most valuable player in women’s category after collecting 28 points, four rebounds, and 2 assists.

The winners and runners-up teams took away cash prizes and trophies.

Since 2015, the championship has crowned four teams of Ashims, Taras, Pamos, and Majas as winners in women’s category.

The men’s category saw three winners of Jachungs, Delinquents, and Thimphu Magics in last four years.

Jachungs also won the championship in 2015.