Police in Jaigaon arrested the suspect who was alleged of raping a 22-year-old Bhutanese woman in Jaigaon on the morning of April 25.

The man went missing after the alleged crime.

Jaigaon police officials say a police team apprehended the suspect from the Super Market in Jaigaon between 8-8:30pm on May 5.

Sources at Jaigaon police station said they had received information that the suspect had gone to Bodhgaya with a pilgrim. “We learnt that he works as a cook and was taken to Bodhgaya on hire,” an official said.

Police also said that the suspect was arrested right after he returned to Jaigaon.

It was learnt that Jaigaon police took him to Alipurduar district court after conducting the medical examinations around 11:30am yesterday.

The suspect was alleged of using a metal rod to enter the room of the victim, who stayed with her sister and raped her in front of the sister.

It was also alleged that he threatened to kill the sister with a knife.

Meanwhile, a video of a man being paraded naked by some people that went viral claimed that he was the suspect. Police confirmed that the man in the video was not the suspect.

Rajesh Rai | Phuentsholing