Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu and Ambassador Vetsop Namgyel sign the agreement (Picture courtesy: MoFA)

Japan, Bhutan sign assistance agreement worth 1,004M Yen

Japan and Bhutan signed grant assistance for four projects amounting to 1,004 million (M) Yen in New Delhi, India yesterday, a press release states.

The grant assistance projects are under Japan’s Official Development Assistance scheme, namely exchange of notes and the grant contracts for Grant Assistance for Grassroots Human Security Projects (GGP).

The exchange of notes would assist the project to construct a disaster-resilient emergency mobile network in the country.

Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan, Kenji Hiramatsu, said that the project would help create a backup system of nationwide mobile network in Bumthang. “This will reinforce the disaster management system by securing a stable mobile network, not only during ordinary times, but also during emergencies such as natural disasters.”

The grant amounts to 979M Yen for the project.

GGP for three projects, reconstruction of irrigation channels in Jamkhar Gewog, Trashiyangtse, construction of common facility centre for traditional handmade paper making in Trashiyangtse, and construction of satellite clinic in Changjiji in Thimphu were signed.

The project for construction of irrigation channels in Jamkhar amounts to 8.3M Yen.

Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu said that the project for the construction of common facility centre for traditional handmade paper would build a space to display products. “It would provide conducted tours of the paper-making processes in the facility. It will contribute towards sales promotion besides securing a stable working environment for the staffs.”

The project grant amounts to 8.2M Yen.

A press release issued by  Embassy of Japan stated that the grant for the construction of satellite clinic in Changjiji in Thimphu amounts to 8.1M Yen. “The project would construct a new scale clinic in place of the existing one. The existing clinic doesn’t have enough space to provide a wide range of medical services such as immunisation and child birth, as well as health counselling.”

Following the signing of the grant aid, the agreement will be now signed between Gross National Happiness Commission and Japan International Cooperation Agency, Bhutan office in Thimphu.

Ambassador Kenji Hiramatsu said that he hopes that the grant would directly help improve the lives of people in Bhutan. “We would like to continue supporting the economic development of Bhutan by meeting its various needs, from remote areas to the cities, and from small scale to large, by efficiently using the instruments of grant, GGP, and technical cooperation.”

Phurpa Lhamo

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