Four grant assistance projects worth 1004 million (M) Yen for Bhutan under Japan’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) scheme would be signed on December 19 in New Delhi, India, a press release from the Embassy of Japan states.

Ambassador of Japan to Bhutan Kenji Hiramatsu and ambassador of Bhutan to Japan General Vetsop Namgyel will sign the projects under Exchange of Notes (EN) for grant aid and Grant Contracts (GC).

The counterparts for the project under grant aid is Bhutan Telecom for the construction of disaster resilient emergency mobile network worth 979M Yen. It will construct a back-up system of mobile network in Bumthang that will cover the entire country.

An 8.3M Yen project would reconstruct the old irrigation channel in Trashiyangtse, which is not functioning well. Jamkhar gewog administration is the recipient organisation for the project.

Another project in Trashiyangtse, would construct a common facility centre for traditional handmade papermaking. The centre would be used to conduct facility tours and display products, and also ensure a stable environment for staff. Trashiyangtse dzongkhag is the recipient organisation for the 8.2M Yen project.

The fourth project worth 8.1M Yen involves the construction of a satellite clinic in Changjiji, Thimphu that would provide a wide range of medical services, such as immunisation, childbirth, and counselling.

The press release states that the Japan government hopes that these projects would improve the living standards of people, strengthen friendship and cooperation and expand people to people exchanges between Japan and Bhutan.

Staff Reporter