Japan’s government will assist a project to research and diffuse subtropical cultivations in Panbang, Zhemgang.

The project, inaugurated on February 9, under the grant assistance for grassroots human security projects (GGP) will concentrate on subtropical horticulture development.

The 7 million Yen project aims to construct a research centre and a farm irrigation system in order to research and diffuse subtropical horticulture like mango and litchi.

The embassy of Japan’s minister for economic and development, Kenko Sone, programme director of agriculture research and development centre, Ngawang, and the director of the agriculture department, Kinlay Tshering, attended the ceremony of inauguration.

A press release from the embassy of Japan stated that providing the technical guidance for cultivation and fresh seedlings to farmers in the target area through the project would increase the income for the farmers.

It also stated that Japan government is looking forward to strengthening the friendship and cooperation with Bhutan.

The GGP scheme was established in 1989 to help meet the diverse basic needs in developing countries.

Besides supporting the construction of bridges, Japan government has also provided fire engines and compactor trucks to the country.

Staff Reporter