The national referral hospital is awaiting forensic test results of the woman who was allegedly sexually assaulted by one of the OT (operating theatre) technicians on April 5 night.

It is alleged that the accused injected her an anesthetic drug through a cannula instead of drawing blood for a test.

According to sources, the woman said she found herself in the hospital’s emergency room when she became conscious. She complained of discomfort in her private part.

Medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Gosar Pemba said the hospital’s management learnt about the woman from their staff the next day after they reported the incident.

“We were then not sure what happened to her. We were told that she was drowsy and was in the emergency room,” he said.

The woman had reportedly shared what had happened to her to the emergency department’s staff. Dr Gosar Pemba said that since it appeared to be a serious incident, the management had asked the forensic department to investigate. “We also called the police,” he said.

The accused was arrested on April 6 from his home. He is still in detention.

Staff Reporter