… to ease workload of RCDC

Staff Reporter 

The Thimphu national referral hospital yesterday inaugurated a Covid-19 RT-PCR testing lab in its premises to address the testing requirements of patients and attendants.

This is the second such testing lab established in Thimphu after the one at Royal Centre for Disease Control (RCDC).

Medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr Gosar Pemba said the lab will cater to the needs of not only patients and their attendants but the hospital’s staff and the general public.

He said that there were some delays when the testing was done at RCDC due to large numbers of samples. “The opening of the new lab is expected to accelerate the testing process and help people get results in a shorter time,” he said.

According to officials, the lack of a lab in the hospital, had caused delays in getting the test result of the patients and attendants, thereby delaying the admission and discharge of the patients and attendants.

But the medical superintendent clarified that the lab facility is not only for patients and attendants but all in general. “Our staff also needs testing,” he said, adding that the lab started taking samples since yesterday.

This lab will not only ease the workload of the RCDC but would also hasten the testing and result of the healthcare professionals, patients and attendants of the JDWNRH, the hospital said on its official Facebook page.