Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

Authorities in Jomotshangkha, Samdrupjongkhar are waiting for the test results for primary contacts of a man who tested Covid-19 positive from the community yesterday to decide on whether to declare a lockdown in the town.

The incident commander (IC) and Jomotshangkha drungpa Lamdra Wangdi said the 21-year-old man visited the flu clinic with flu-like symptoms and tested positive during the antigen test.

He said the medical team had sent the man’s sample for the RT-PCR test in Dewathang and confirmed it as Covid-19 positive yesterday morning. He was immediately isolated.

The drungpa said that the medical team traced and sent about 86 samples for the RT-PCR test yesterday, including the 21-year-old man’s 19 primary contacts.

“Since it is under risk assessments and sample collection, the lockdown in the drungkhag ill depend on these results,” he said.

Jomotshangkha drungkhag went into lockdown on May 21 last year after detecting eight positive cases. Out of the eight, one was from Phajo Goenpa in Lauri gewog, six from Jomotshangkha Royal Bhutan Army (RBA), and one from Jomotshangkha town.

All eight people who tested positive for Covid-19 were the primary contacts of the 60-year-old man who tested the Covid-19 positive from the community at Merak gewog in Trashigang on May 19.