Sherab Lhamo

Jonathan Rose, an urban planner and a friend of Jonathan FP Rose, was awarded Druk Thuksey in recognition of his exceptional services to the country. 

“It is a huge privilege to be regarded as the Heart Son of Bhutan. I am overjoyed,” he said. 

“This is just the beginning of our work here, we have 10 to 15 years of work ahead.”

He said, “Now it’s all about determination and pulling together to reveal His Majesty’s vision and deliver against the promise of the Thimphu Structure Plan.” 

Jonathan Rose is a key figure in urban development with an extensive global portfolio. His influential role extends to Bhutan, where he leads initiatives such as the Paro-Thimphu Strategic Prospectus and the Thimphu Structure Plan. 

Collaborating with a diverse consultant team, Rose contributes his expertise to projects involving green infrastructure, low-emission transport, waste services, and regenerative construction. His commitment to sustainable, holistic development aligns with Bhutan’s vision and has helped shape resilient and environmentally conscious urban landscapes in the country.