To prepare for the Asian Games   

Thinley Namgay 

Four national judokas from Bhutan Judo Association (BJA) are in India preparing for the Thailand International Judo Championship which will be held in Nakhon Pathom from August 31 to September 4.

Team Bhutan, funded by the Indian Embassy, has been training with elite judokas at the Inspire Institute of Sport in Vidya Nagar, Karnataka since August 23.

Judoka Kinley Tshering will compete in the -66kg category. Tandin Wangchuk, Ngawang Namgyel and Yeshay Nidup will compete in the -73kg, -60kg, and -55kg categories.

The tournament is expected to hone skills, boost confidence, and provide exposure to judokas who will be taking part in the Asian Games in China next month.

Judokas Kinley Tshering, Ngawang Namgyel, and Tandin Wangchuk were selected for the games. These judokas have dedicated nearly 12 years to the sport, and possess  commendable national and international game experiences.

Acknowledging the high-quality training in India, judokas are optimistic about the Thai championship. Judokas said that it would provide a platform for them to showcase their level of preparation for the Asian Games and reflect on self-improvement before the games.

Junior judoka Yeshay Nidup was nominated for the championship mainly to gain tournament experience which is essential for the long-term judo career.

The team is accompanied by the Japanese coach Yuki Fukui, who has been training the players for the Asian Games since early this year.

The championship is endorsed by the  Judo Union of Asia and the International Judo Federation. Judokas from more than 20 Asian countries are expected to participate in the tournament.