Coinciding with the Royal Wedding Anniversary, Ka Ja Throm -Paro was inaugurated yesterday by the Prime Minister.  The Paro Ka Ja Throm, located beside the Ugyen Pelri Palace grounds in Tshongdue, serves as a Farmer’s Market for Paro, until construction of the permanent Farmer’s Market is completed.  

Initiated upon Royal Command, and as a gift from His Majesty The King to the people of Paro, the Ka Ja Throm has been built so that vendors can showcase and sell their produce in a vibrant community space.  

The Farmer’s Market has 147 stalls for vegetables, fruits, meat and other local farm produce, and food and drinks. 

A children’s park and an open-air live-band stage are also part of the Paro Ka Ja Throm. 

The market is envisioned to be a lively public space place for families and visitors to enjoy, while also showcasing the best of Paro’s local produce. The management will organize regular live performances at the venue, alongside food and drinks stalls managed by de-suups from the DSP Culinary training.

 The Ka Ja Throm is part of an overall initiative to enhance the beauty and vitality of Paro town. The Paro greening initiative is carried out by the Paro Dzongkhag Administration with support from the TRACP team, regional offices, Dzongkhag Court, and the people of Paro.