People selling dairy products at Kabisa chiwog, Punakha are today driven to find a new area to set up a shop to sell the products.

In 2016, the residents, seeking to create a market for the dairy products came together to form a group.

Dawa Dem, a member of the community was requested to sell the products along with her grocery items at the new shop built by the members.

Chairman of the group, Kado, said that the existing shop was built in 2016 on the land requested on lease by the members. He added that the lease term ended last year and a new area for the shop is needed today. “We are holding meetings and discussions to identify a new area to sell the products.”

The current shop is located near Kabisa School on the way to the gewog centre office.

Livestock officer Dophu said that the department provided materials such as cement, corrugated galvanised sheets and wood to build the shop in 2016.

He added the group has requested the landowner to provide a portion of the land until a new one is managed. “Selling the products is difficult and we need a new area. We are planning to request for a land near the gewog centre office in the 12th Plan.”

The group has 25 individuals who sell their dairy products through Dawa Dem.

Dawa Dem said that a monthly income of Nu 30,000 is generated on an average, which spikes to Nu 100,000 during some months. “It is during winter that we don’t have much income because most households have rituals and they choose not to sell their dairy products.”

The locals including school, gewog centre, and hospital staff buy the products.

The members maintain a record of their products brought to the shop for sale and every month, Dawa Dem returns with the money earned from the products. “We have set the rules. I buy cheese from the locals at Nu 25 and sell it at Nu 27. I sell the products first to the locals and only if we have excess, I take it to Khuruthang or Thimphu,” she said. “I can sell at any rate I want at other areas than Kabisa.”

The shop sells butter, cheese, and milk. Kabisa chiwog has 168 households.

Phurpa Lhamo