Visit: Kamji Middle Secondary School (KMSS) will be the second central school in Chukha dzongkhag with the school scheduled to start as a central school from the 2016 academic session.

Lyonchoen Tshering Tobgay announced this yesterday while meeting the people of Geling gewog where he encouraged the crowd of about 100 people to take the opportunity of the school.

“Geling gewog is not developed like other gewogs in Chukha,” the Prime Minister said, explaining it was due to this very reason that KMSS was identified as a central school. The other central school is the Pakshingkha Central School.

A budget of Nu 52M has been allocated for structural development at Kamji Central School (KCS). Lyonchoen said the government’s responsibility was to ensure the central school had enough teachers, finance for all structural developments, and other facilities.

“Your responsibility is to take this opportunity,” he said.

KMSS today has 918 students and 28 teachers. The current teacher-student ratio in KMSS is 1:32, which is higher than that in Darla Middle Secondary School (DMSS) and PCS. Teacher-student ratios in these two schools are 1:21 and 1:24.

Starting next year, a border student would receive central school facility worth Nu 52,000 annually, while the government would spend about Nu 28,000 per day scholar student annually.

Lyonchoen also expressed his appreciation to the Geling people for the record of zero gungtongs (empty households) in the gewog. Dzongkhag statistical records show zero gungtongs in Geling from 165 households.

“This is very good,” Lyonchoen said, advising the locals to maintain the positive record.

Bongo gewog has 20 gungtongs, while Darla has nine.

He also informed the people that roads and bridges were important aspects that would encourage upholding zero gungtongs and that the government would ensure such infrastructure in the remaining two years of the Plan period.

The gewog is today without a Gewog Connectivity (GC) road. However, the GC road has been proposed to start from the Thimphu-Phuentsholing highway bypass at Bunagu, which will end at Chanachen gewog centre.

Home minister Dawa Gyaltshen and Chukha dzongdag accompanied Lyonchoen during the visit to the gewogs.

Rajesh Rai, Kamji