Neten Dorji  | Trashigang

The major roadblock at Thomchi Barongjuk, which cut off Kangpara for more than a month, is expected to be cleared by evening today, according to officials of Kangpara gewog in Trashigang.

Massive landslides buried over 140 meters of the road blocking the road about 12km towards Kangpara gewog from the Thrimshing drungkhag.

Kanpara gup, Sangay Wangdi said that continuous sliding of soil and the lockdown hampered excavation work to clear the road.

“It took us almost a month to clear the block,” he said. “Apart from the major block at Thomchi, multiple minor blocks along the road would be cleared by today,” he said.

However, he said that if it rains again, it is likely that roadblocks would occur. “We remind commuters to be cautious while travelling through the slide area.”

Gewog officials said if the rain stops, they could clear all the blocks within a couple of weeks for all traffic. “We could clear the major blocks around 2pm today. Currently only boleros can pass,” said an official.