With most of the local leaders agreeing on the need of entertainment in the town, the dzongkhag tshogdu (DT) approved a karaoke buineess in Dagana town on August 27.

A Daga town businessman had proposed to operate a karaoke in the dzongkhag.

It was learnt that the dzongkhag’s entertainment licensing committee only recommended the proponent to operate the karaoke when the equipment were installed and the place was ready.

The proponent had already spent about Nu1.5 million for the set up.

Kana gewog gup who is also the DT chairman, Lhawang Dorji, said that stopping the operation of entertainment places wouldn’t be sensible. “We need to prepare before problems arise. It shouldn’t be the reason for disharmony among people in the society.”

Member of Parliament (MP) Jurmi Wangchuk, said that the operation of karaoke and other entertainment places such as Drayangs needed to be thought out well. “This decision is critical, as we need to think about the impact it would have on the society. Do we really need it here?”

He said that business prospects also needed to be considered for these kinds of businesses and that population was important for the success of the business.

Thromde representative, Passang Wangdi, said a karaoke was opened in 2015, but it soon closed as the business did not do well. He said that there were history of fights in the town among family members causing disturbances to other residents.

National Council MP Surjaman Thapa said if bylaws are set and some conditions monitored, it could work out fine. “Problems arise when individuals don’t act based on the social etiquettes,” he said.

If the owners, police officials and the individuals all take their responsibilities, then it should be fine, he said.

Today, there are two karaokes in Dagapela which is about 45kms away from Daga town.

Planning officer Sonam Jamtsho, said that simply based on the opinion that it might do more harm to youth wouldn’t be wise. “We need to provide opportunities so that youth can have jobs and earn income.”

He said although he personally felt that opening a karaoke was early, with a few bylaws and criteria it could be considered.

Goshi gup, Tandin, said Dagana dzongkhag is one of the least developed. “If we plan on keeping it this way, then we may as well not allow the operation of entertainment places such as karaoke and Drayangs.”

“There are so many entertainment places where people can go anyways.”

Rinchen Zangmo | Dagana