Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

Twenty-one Royal Bhutan Army soldier, two commandos, and two Royal Body Guards have been trained in karate, jujutsu, and weapon training (nunchucks) as trainers in the country for the first time.

According to BKA’s technical director, Ugyen Wangchuk, the training was an important milestone for the association in establishing karate clubs in all wings of the RBA.

The individuals underwent 550 hours of rigorous training under the Asian Karate Federation’s qualified sensei (teacher) Tshering Dorji.

The training of the trainers the programme was organised by Bhutan Karate Association (BKA) for three months in Wangdue.

The trainees are expected to open up clubs in different RBA wings. The trainers will also receive a basic coaching license from the BKA.

“This is the first time Karate club is being established in the armed force. There hasn’t been any until now,” Ugyen Wangchuk said.

The association will host wing tournaments and provide advanced training for the participants in future.

The association will groom players from RBA to represent Bhutan at the 2023 South Asian Games, which will be held in Pakistan.

“Until now, there have been participation from civilians, but we didn’t have any from Royal Bhutan Army,” Ugyen Wangchuk said.

His Royal Highness Prince Dasho Jigje Singye Wangchuck graced the closing ceremony of the training programme in Wangdue on March 12.

Established in 2009, the BKA has over 2,200 registered members.