We are only now more concerned and careful. The Covid-19 positive cases are shooting up dramatically. The prevailing picture is of a nation now forced to shy away from the horrors of its own nakedness. That’s our kneejerk reaction. But, really, the situation isn’t all that bad.

Yes, the positive cases are rising and in the days to come we will have more. Why not, the way we can be and were foolhardy in the times when we needed to be on our guard the most!  But fear and panic are unnecessary. What is needed is some pragmatic solutions and they are not difficult to find.

Thimphu and Paro are the epicentres of the pandemic’s local transmission. Tests are being carried out, which is comforting in many ways, but we are still exposed to a more wanton transmission of the deadly virus.

The people are beginning to question the effectiveness of the tests and the kits; many are baselessly blaming the recent flu vaccine. Go to the right websites, places and organisations to clear your doubts. Questions are welcome but only when they are educatedly placed and put in the right perspectives.

The recent flu vaccine has nothing to do with the rising cases of Covid-19 positive cases in the Bhutanese communities. Sharing or distributing unfounded information, which alas we are dumbfounded with helplessly, is causing the bigger and more dangerous problem. All that we have achieved together so far can be undone by the power of one misguided view and the insensitive handling of it.

We know how the virus can be spread. Trends and patterns are clear. Now that we have community transmission we know more clearly how not to expose ourselves to the pandemic. The problem is that even as we are full aware of the dangers we take it easy by sidestepping the simple but effective health protocols.

The warnings came in early, from the prime minister himself—the winter’s coming and the blast will be harder. It is now the season of flu we are in and we are more vulnerable to the illnesses related to the cold.

Here are simple things we can do still and protect ourselves from contracting the virus.

Shut yourself in. Essential services will be provided. Don’t expect flawless services. There are others too who are in need of critical help. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Go meet your neighbours, friends and relatives after the lockdown and you will thank the pandemic for the love, togetherness and fun that you could have. In this fast-paced world we are in, what could be better than being able to spend some precious time with one’s family and loved ones? Stay in and make the most of it.  Wash your hands and wear your face mask, at all times.

Community transmission is a serious danger but we can all play our part to stop it. The thing is we can. Only we need to show it. And the time to show that we can defeat the pandemic is now.