Poultry: Tsirang Poultry Cooperative (TPC) has decided to increase the price of egg to Nu 1,750 per carton to encourage poultry owners to bring eggs to the cooperative.

“We get orders everyday from the youth cooperative in Thimphu, but due to the shortages here, we aren’t able to supply,” Juma Kanta, the cooperative’s accountant, said.

TPC’s chairman Pema Wangchuk said that, because of middlemen, the cooperative was not able to collect the eggs from farms in Tsirang.

“Members of the cooperative are selling their products to the broker, who gives more than we pay them,” Pema Wangchuk said.

Due to drop in egg production in recent months, shops in Damphu charge Nu 330 per tray of eggs.  Winter is a lean season for the production of eggs.

The dzongkhag’s livestock officer, Dorji Wangchuk, said that the initiative taken by the cooperative is to route the eggs through one channel and to stop price fluctuation.

Pema Wangchuk said that, if people are found buying or selling eggs without seal, or taking eggs to other dzongkhags, their consignments will be disposed off and fined.

Bhutan Agriculture and Food Regulatory Authority (BAFRA) has announced that transporting poultry products from one dzongkhag to another shall be done under the in-country movement permit issued by offices concerned.

Pema Wangchuk said that, being a member of the cooperative, they get feeds, day old chicks, trays and cartons at cheaper rate.  They also get bonus at the end of the year.

TPC has 95 members.

Yeshey Dema, Tsirang