LG: It was no surprise that the former gup and mangmi, both of whom were vying for the post of gup were voted out in Khar chiwog in Khar gewog.

The former gup, Chedup, secured 22 votes and former mangmi, Jangchuk Namgyal got 46 votes of the 167 total votes cast during the chiwog’s zomdu.

The villagers instead voted for Norbu Wangdi, with 99 votes.

Most voters said that while experience matters, they wanted an “active” gup and mangmi.

One of the elderly voters said the gewog definitely needed a new gup who will benefit the villagers. “We know experience is best but in these five years we’ve regretted our decision. We don’t want to repeat that mistake and we hope this time we get an active gup and mangmi.”

The gewog has completed its chiwog zomdus. Khar will have two gups and three mangmi candidates contesting on poll day.

Meanwhile, it was no different for villagers of Chimoong chiwog who voted for their former mangmi instead of their former gup to contest from their chiwog.

The former gup, Sonam Tshewang, lost with 21 votes against former mangmi, Yeshi Wangdi who secured 75 votes.

The gewog also completed its chiwog zomdu. Three gups and two mangmis including a woman will be contesting for the posts from Chimoong gewog.

Meanwhile, the chiwog zomdu in Chongshing, Choekhorling, Yurung, Nanong and Zobel gewogs were completed and all the former gups will be re-contesting for the same post after each of them secured the required number of “Yes” votes.

Although the chiwog zomdu was completed in Norboogang gewog, two chiwogs, Gashari and Menchu Nganglam missed their zomdus after it was found the village fell under the Nganglam yenlag throm during delimitation.

As a result, the former gup who is from Gashari chiwog could not participate in the chiwog zomdu. But the gewog has two aspiring gup candidates from other chiwogs.

An official from the election team said the zomdu was withdrawn as per the Supreme Court’s writ of mandamus and they are waiting for further directives from the Election Commission of Bhutan.

Chiwog zomdus, which are conducted to nominate candidates from each chiwog, are also in full swing in Pemagatshel.

All candidates who have completed the chiwog zomdu will now have to ready the necessary documents and submit them before 5pm on August 31 to their returning officers.

Pemagatshel has 11 gewogs including three gewogs in Nganglam dungkhag.

Yangchen C Rinzin | Pemagatshel