Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar

The Eastern Covid-19 Task Force (EC-19TF) in Dewathang declared Khashateng in Trashigang and Phajo Goenpa in Samdrupjongkhar as community quarantine as people in those villages were exposed to Covid-19 on May 21.

Khashateng and Phajo Goenpa villages are secluded. The nearest village to Phajo Goenpa is Relnang. Three desuups have been deployed to restrict movement from Relnang to other villages.

According to EC-19TF officials, all the people of the 13 households in Khashateng and 11 households in Phajo Goenpa were exposed to Covid-19 as the villagers gathered at a funeral ritual in Khashateng.

The two villages are declared as community quarantine (CQ) to contain the virus.

An official said this would reduce the pressure on the limited quarantine facilities nearby. This arrangement will allow primary and secondary contacts to remain in their respective homes.

As per the CQ guideline, the CQ shall have cordoned off with demarcated physical boundaries and a single gateway and at least two desuups to lead the surveillance.

“Till it is fully certified by a competent medical authority, the community will not return to its normal life.    

However, their household chores within the respective household premises shall be permitted under strict surveillance,” the guideline states.

Meanwhile, about 15 positive cases were detected from those two community quarantines—nine from Khashateng and six from Phajo Goenpa community quarantine as of yesterday. Twenty eight positive cases were detected in Jomotshangkha including nine from Khashateng so far.