Kinlay Dorji, 33, has declared his intention to stand National Council (NC) candidate from Chukha.

Kinlay Dorji is from Omchu village.

Kinlay Dorji graduated from College of Language and Culture Studies with Bachelor’s degree in Language and Literature in 2014.

Kinlay Dorji worked at a call centre in Thimphu and as a teacher at Dr Tobgyal School in Thimphu. He also worked as an assistant land recorder at the National Land Commission.

Following his graduation Kinlay Dorji has worked as a freelance guide. He also contested for the position of gup in the last local government elections.

Kinlay Dorji said his experience and connection with his community would be an advantage during the election. “During winter vacations, I have worked in various places for income.”

He said if elected, he would prioritise entrepreneurship in rural areas and in making law more suitable for the people.

Although people in the rural areas show interest in entrepreneurship, lack of information about financial and technical support from the government stand on the way.

Kinlay Dorji said that the policies often fail to reach people in the rural areas.  “I have the support of my wife and family.”

Kinlay Dorji has completed familiarisation tour of six out of Chukha’s 11 gewogs.

Phurpa Lhamo