Drukjeygang – Tseza, Dagana

Registered voters: 14,574 | Male: 7,194 | Female: 7,380

Nima Tshering

Age: 54

Work experience: 27 years in civil service and 4 years in private sector

Education: Master’s in Environment and Resources Management

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

I begin my day by offering prayers for the well-being of all sentient beings.


What do you like about People’s Democratic Party?

I appreciate the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for being one of the oldest standing political parties in the country.


Parties have pursued membership drives aggressively. Does that translate into votes?

I am not sure if more memberships translates to more votes. If you look at the current membership status, BTP has the least numbers of registered members and the results of the primary round says otherwise. It all depends on how well you connect and engage with the people.


What is about the people in your constituency that moves you?

I am inspired by the overwhelming support people of my constituency have shown towards BTP and me. We have common aspirations-unity, peace and progress. Moreover, I am moved by their kindness and respect for my sincere and dedicated service to Tsa-Wa-Sum. As a young civil servant, I served for 7 years in Dagana, from 1993-1999 and people still remember me as a man of integrity and principle. This enduring bond fuels my commitment to continue serving with my utmost dedication.


What specific local projects do you have in mind to boost the local economy in Dagana?

Dagana is one of the least developed dzongkhags and it demands targeted interventions. BTP recognizes household income as the foundation of a robust national economy and we will enhance household income by 7-folds from Nu 400,000 to Nu 3M. This will be achieved through people’s engagement in various economic activities. Specifically for Drukjeygang-Tseza, we need to pursue a water flagship program to irrigate our farmland and improve sanitation. Infrastructures such as roads, bridges and other amenities need to be developed and expedited. My constituency has immense potential for agriculture and we need to upscale our productivity by providing high yielding varieties of crops, and mass plantation of agar to diversify our products. We will pursue commercialization of agriculture and livestock farming.


How do you plan to ensure inclusivity and protect the rights of the LGBTIQ community in Bhutan?

BTP envisions to empower every citizen to leverage their full potential and live meaningful lives, irrespective of their race, ethnicity, religion, gender or status. To do so, we need to streamline our rules, regulations, laws and policies first and offer equitable and efficient public service delivery. Protecting the rights of the LGBTIQ community requires a humanitarian and multi-faceted approach. We need to review laws and legislations that are discriminatory in nature and make them gender-friendly. We need to advocate for change in our social and cultural setting, starting with our mindset and all these must begin with education.


One thing that people of Dagana need immediately?

Dagana is in dire need of road infrastructure to improve its connectivity and accessibility. This improvement stands as a crucial catalyst for enhancing the local economy. Specifically, Dagana requires immediate attention to construct a bridge over the Sunkosh River at Seru Tar, establish a new road connecting Bjurugang to Chukha via Getana and Tseza to Wangdue through Kamichu. Another immediate task is to merge Bjurugang and Bartsa chiwogs under Gesraling gewog or establish another gewog for Bjurugang and Bartsa for efficient service delivery. Currently, these two chiwogs are inconveniently administered by Kana Gewog which is about four hours walking distance.


Why did you choose to join the BTP?

I chose to join the BTP because of the president’s exemplary leadership. His ability to achieve without excessive talk, coupled with qualities like humility, empathy, dedication, and unwavering loyalty, is truly inspiring. His track record in civil service speaks volumes about his competence. What truly sets the BTP apart is our robust team of capable and experienced candidates, backed by devoted party workers. The party’s unwavering commitment to fostering a vibrant and thriving community and its determination to transform the landscape of politics in our country deeply resonates with me. Our manifesto isn’t crafted merely to attract votes; rather, it aligns perfectly with His Majesty’s vision of building a high-income nation.



Sonam Dorji


Age: 51

Work experience: Member of National Council for 10 years, 9 years with Bank of Bhutan

Education: B.Com from St. Joseph’s College, North Point, Darjeeling

What is the first thing you do in the morning?

The first thing I do in the morning is start with prayers every day. I feel grateful every morning for getting to experience another new day, which means an opportunity to do and learn for another day. I meditate as part of the prayer and self-reflection to set the mental tone. After this, I update myself with the latest news and information to stay abreast of current events and trends, enabling me to make well-informed decisions throughout the day. Additionally, I often take a moment for personal reflection or engage in a brief physical activity to energize myself for the day ahead


What do you like about Bhutan Tendrel Party?

I appreciate the Bhutan Tendrel Party for their remarkable efforts, especially considering they are a new party. Making it to the primary round itself is a significant achievement, and I genuinely appreciate the energy and their determination they have demonstrated in the political landscape.


Parties have pursued membership drives aggressively. Does that translate into votes?

Membership drives are undoubtedly important for party engagement and outreach. They reflect a commitment to inclusivity and strength of the party. However, securing votes involves a deeper connection beyond just a membership. It’s about resonating with people’s aspirations, addressing their concerns, and building trust through consistent actions and policies. While membership drives create a strong foundation, the translation to votes relies on the party’s capacity to authentically engage and fulfill the commitments made to the voters.


What is about the people in your constituency that moves you?

What deeply inspires me about my constituency in Dagana is its rich diversity. It’s a melting pot of people from various backgrounds (Shar, Lho, Nub, Jang) making it uniquely vibrant and captivating. The inclusivity among the residents, their unity despite diverse origins, and their collective commitment to community well-being are equally motivating aspects that drive my dedication to serving them.


What specific local projects do you have in mind to boost the local economy in Dagana?

Dagana holds immense potential beyond its reliance on cash crops which are susceptible to market fluctuations and diseases. Diversifying our economic opportunities is crucial given these vulnerabilities. Therefore, emphasizing the development of tourism and hydropower project emerges as a pivotal strategy. Dagana harbors several undiscovered sacred and lesser-known religious sites, yet to be explored even by the locals. Transforming these places into tourist attractions could serve as a game changer in significantly boosting our local economy.

Moreover, harnessing the power of hydropower presents a remarkable opportunity for Dagana’s economic growth. The immediate initiation of projects like the Sunkosh mega project and Dagachhu project 2, as pledged by the party, will not only create job opportunities but also contribute significantly to the local economy


How do you plan to ensure inclusivity and protect the rights of the LGBTIQ community in Bhutan?

I admire our country’s openness and support for the LGBTIQ community despite our developmental stage. This acceptance has encouraged many from the community to step forward. Ensuring inclusivity involves continuing this support through policies promoting equal rights, fostering education to reduce discrimination, and creating safe spaces for all individuals to thrive regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity.


One thing that people of Dagana need immediately?

The immediate need for the people of Dagana, and indeed the country as a whole, is the right governance, a government that can handle the economic recovery, responds, and works in the best interest of its citizens. The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) represents the values and vision that can lead us toward a brighter future. The rest of the essential requirements will naturally fall into place.


Why did you choose to join the PDP?

The values and vision I uphold align closely with the PDP’s legacy of integrity, commitment, and fulfilling promises, fostering effective governance and driving progress. Leadership stands as one of the most crucial aspects, and the party President’s proven leadership and caliber are paramount. And his global acknowledgment for his leadership, further underscores the party’s commitment.