Dechen Thaiye Dorji

Age: 34 years

Village: Siluna

Gewog: Toepaisa


BA, LLB, Post Graduate Diploma in National Law

Work experience

Advisor and practicing lawyer.

Why should the people vote for you?

At the present scenario, there is no dearth of qualified and capable people who are prospective candidates for the National Council. Yet, National Council requires someone who is not only qualified and capable, but who is also a legal professional. The reason being the fact that when it comes to enactments, and deliberations for the same, there are numerous rationales and legal principle we have to always embrace so that the law passed are flawless and ventures deep into the future, unchanged and unbroken.

So, having diligently pursued law and practiced it for few years, I feel I have requisite experience and knowledge to be of more assistance in putting the people’s will into laws of the land.


Dechen Zangmo

Age: 51 years

Village: Gumgang

Gewog: Guma


Doctor of Philosophy

Work experience

Teacher, school principal and lecturer.

Why should the people vote for you?

I have completed my PhD, carried out research in various areas related to policy making, studied and compared cultural aspects of Bhutan to other countries.

I have also studied issue related to curriculum and education.

As a female candidate, I also hope to open up avenues for other young women to believe in themselves and take part in such important decision making task. I believe my rich background knowledge and skills in research will play a major role in revising important policies and law of our country .


Kinley Wangchuk

Age: 43 years

Village: Yewokha

Gewog: Barp


Masters in Public Administration

Work experience

Teacher, Principal and DEO

Why should the people vote for you?

I will offer intellectual knowledge and counsel the children as far as possible, recognise the youth issues of unemployment and support it by deliberating the problem and finding solutions, and support and keep better health and sanitation, which truly benefits the common people.

I will provide service with the best legal solution.

I will also work on reviewing existing laws and enforcing new laws in the interest of Bhutanese and especially the Punakha dzongkhag, based on the change of times and situations.

I will consult people, including or mainly those in the villages, before matters are discussed in the Parliament.


Lhaki Dolma

Age: 39 years

Village: Jimthang

Gewog: Dzomi


B.A Language and Cultural Studies

Post Graduate in Development Management

Work experience

Human Resource Officer,


Why should the people vote for you?

Let me share how I would represent my dzongkhag – rather than saying why should people vote for me. With Thimphu getting congested, I will support any development of a greater capital region that includes Punakha. This is not only good for Punakha but also for the country.

As a small country, we should promote art and culture as a soft power – and as an industry. I will support initiatives to make it more vibrant, where it can provide more jobs, more taxes and where our place in the world is further strengthened.

I was the 2nd topper of RCSC examination – 2003


Namgay Wangchuk

Age: 39 years

Village: Tshachuphu

Gewog: Toedwang


Masters in Public Policy and Management

English for Academic Program

Leadership program for Dynamics of Effective Negotiation

Bachelor of Education

Work experience

Member of Parliament, National Assembly (2008-2013)


Why should the people vote for you?

A son of a layman and divorced parents, and brought up in the remotest community, I feel I can represent the voice of all ordinary people of the dzongkhag well.

As the member of National Assembly (2008-2013), I participated in all the deliberations in passing of more than 40 bills.

I participated in National Council elections to fulfil the vision of His Majesty The King and people and uphold the Constitution.


We need to do more to make Punakha more sustainable, happier and prosperous in the coming years if I be given the opportunity again.


Rinchen Dorji

Age: 27 years

Village: Tshomiding

Gewog: Kabisa


Bachelors in Business Administration

Work experience

Business/ Hotelier

Why should the people vote for you?

In my village, there is no candidate as of now.

The people voted for me  because, I am confident and I can assure the villagers to help them to know how we work and how we implement laws.

I am participating to create awareness among the youth that they need to come up and take these opportunities, since younger generation can do it and be good models. They are very creative.

Definitely, I can maintain ties between the government and people to serve the Tsawa-Sum.



Age: 40 years

Village: Khuruthang

Gewog: Thromde


B.E Civil Engineer

Work experience

Land Management Officer and Structural Engineer,

Head of water supply and Sanitation

Why should the people vote for you?

I resigned to serve the people of Punakha dzongkhag and Tsawa-Sum although I had good job and salary in the civil service.

I was born and brought up as a farmer’s son and I know the problem faced at grass root level. So, I feel I can raise the voice of ordinary people.

I am participating at the right age with good working experience in many fields which

is required in framing good laws.

I have been to all nook and corner of the dzongkhag’s 11 gewogs and I have good interaction with each and every individual. So I know the different issues raised by all people.


Tshencho Wangdi

Age: 34 years

Village: Dongkokha

Gewog: Talog


MA in International Relations

BA in Political Science and Sociology

BA in Buddhist Philosophy

Work experience


Operation Manager

Why should the people vote for you?

The rules and policies in the country revolve around the essence of Buddhism such as Mi-choe Tsang Ma Chu Drug and Lha-Choe Geywa Chu. With the Bachelors in Buddhist Philosophy, I can contribute in framing and formulating new policies with the essence of Buddhism in it.

Moreover, I have been preparing for this event since 2010. I have been trained with the courses related to framing and formulating policies in particular and politics in general from my college days as well as during my Masters program.

Hence, I am confident that I can execute my duty as a NC member as demanded by the Constitution.


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