Badri N Bhattarai

Age: 59 years

Village: Chhusungsa Kha

Gewog: Sang-Ngag-Chholing


Masters in Agriculture


Work experience

A civil servant at the specialist level

Why should the people vote for you?

I aim to achieve results through experience sharing, collective knowledge based approach while developing laws within the purview of the Constitution of Bhutan, and through review process of government policies and guidelines.

I will promote integrity and security in the country, review and develop land use and production system, build a fair marketing linkage and promote agro-based ecotourism.

I also stand for education for all children, create more job markets for youth, empower women and address the concerns and issues of the people.


Chhatrapati Phuyel 

Age: 51 years

Village: Tarigaon

Gewog: Dhophuchen


Masters in Nepali

Work experience

Lhotsampa news editor

Why should the people vote for you?

If I am elected, I will listen to people’s problems and work towards finding out the solution through appropriate policies and legislations which improves their livelihood.

I will act as a bridge between the government and the people and also keep in touch with local leaders in regards with developmental plans and activities.

I will also work on amending and enacting laws, making policies, plans and programmes that are relevant and applicable to all communities while pursuing equal opportunity, equal facilities, balanced development, equitable distribution of resources and localized employment in local developmental projects.

While reviewing the policies, issues, bills, and legislations I will try my best to fulfill the aspirations of the people.


Dhan Kumar Ghalley

Age: 51 years

Village: Chisilgang

Gewog: Pemaling 


Master of Education

Work experience



Why should the people vote for you?

Policies are framed to usher in balanced all-round development.

I will work towards ensuring that the government of the day is supported to fulfill its mandate.

I will be working to addres poverty, inequity, unemployment, youth problems and other national concerns. Laws are wisely made to benefit the people and country for all times to come.

If elected I will render necessary support to infuse GNH values to the people.


Narayan Dahal

Age: 40  years

Village: Dungkar

Gewog: Yoeseltse  


Masters in Business Administration

Work experience

Corporate and private sectors


Why should the people vote for you?

I have also worked as a farmer and I understand the need of the people as I have lived and worked with them.

I would have a clear vision to carry out the mandate of the people as per the rules and procedure of the National Council as enshrined in the Constitution.

I shall strive to imbibe democratic values in the people and make sure to include everyone in the process.

I shall always remain humble and loyal to the Tsawa-Sum.


Ngawang Nidup

Age: 28 years

Throm: Samtse

Gewog: Samtse 


Bachelors in Business


Work experience

Worked in a hotel


Why should the people vote for you?

There is no recipe for success but it lies in the efforts.

I am grateful to the people of Samtse Thromde for giving wings to my calling in politics by nominating through the Dhamngoi Zomdu.

As I progress to the final round, I call upon the people of Samtse dzongkhag to offer me your continued support.

My candidature offers the people of Samtse dzongkhag a new perspective and a platform for new ideas with a dedicated and inspired servitude towards the nation.

I have undertaken this journey with a realization and belief that every vote cast is a culmination of hopes, dreams and ambition of people and that it translates into duties and responsibilities that I have towards my King, Country and fellow Bhutanese people.

Thank you for your support and Together We Can.


Samten Lepcha

Age: 35  years

Village: Damsangma

Gewog: Samtse 


Bachelors of Commerce

Work experience



Why should the people vote for you?

Working as a businessman, I have closely worked with the villagers across the dzongkhag.

I have succeeded in keeping a good relation with the people and the precious time I have spent with the them have helped me understand their dire needs nd decided to be an agent of change as per my ability.

If elected, I will come up with a rural development bill and unemployment bill. I have a great concern for unemployed youth who are rapidly taking refuge in drugs and crimes.

I hope to promote the idea of door-to-door service to the people.


Shadeo Rai

Age: 27 years

Village: Kuchingang

Gewog: Tendruk


Bachelors of Science

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

If elected, I will ensure that laws are enacted fairly, safeguards the interest of the nation and people’s rights. I will serve the Tsawa-Sum with utmost dedication.


Tirtha Man Rai

Age: 31 years

Village: Daragaon

Gewog: Domtoe


Bachelor of Education

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

If eelected as a National Council member, I shall strive to uphold the dignity of each and every individual with utmost respect for the empowerment of everyone.

I will uphold the Constitution of Bhutan at all times.

I will also serve the Tsawa-Sum with utmost loyalty and dedication, and highest moral principles.

I will engage in the policy discourse to further strengthen national unity, sovereignty, democracy, culture and ethos, economy, environment and human dignity as these are key to nation building.

I will ensure that the formulation, implementation and review of all laws, policies and programmes are researched, informed and directed towards the empowerment of all Bhutanese.


Ugyen Lama

Age: 28 years

Village: Buka

Gewog: Tading 


Bachelors in Civil Engineering

Work experience

Private Construction Firm.

Why should the people vote for you?

I consider myself of having a good education (in country) and I am connected with the grassroots. This would ease the access of my electorate to convey their grievances to me easily and I could take them forward.

While I am relatively younger in terms of age with other contestants, I believe maturity doesn’t necessarily come with age but with experience. I have also had a fair experience of being a leader establishing social work groups in my village and being a student representative in college days.


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