Anand Rai

Age: 35 years

Village: Gakiling

Gewog: Gakiling


BA (Hons) History

Work experience

Educated farmer

Why should the people vote for you?

I have lived in my village for the past seven years working as an educated farmer.

I know the issues that impact the daily lives of our people in the villages, and youth including unemployment, among others.


Dhan Bdr Monger

Age: 38 years

Village: Dekiling

Gewog: Dekiling


Bachelors of Science (IT) Master of Science (IT)

Work experience

IT officer

Head of private training institute

Member of Parliament

Why should the people vote for you?

Honest and experienced.

I will use my five years of experience in the Parliament to formulate better policies which are instrumental in shaping the future of our nation.

I shall ensure that your opinion is taken into account.


Khari Lal Gurung

Age: 35 years

Village: Zombabi

Gewog: Chuzangang  


Bachelors of Political Science

Work experience

Free lance tour guide

Why should the people vote for you?

I will be the bridge between the public and the government and ensure timely completion or achievement of all the development activities.

I will bear in mind the interests of the people and the nation while actively participating in making and reviewing laws.

Recognise the youth issues and support them by deliberating the pro-youth  issues and finding solutions.

Promote harmony, equality, integrity and agriculture development policy for Bhutan to ensure self sufficiency.

Ensure that development benefits every Bhutanese.

Serve the interest of Tsawa-Sum including the Gross National Happiness.


Pema Tashi

Age: 33 years

Village: Serzhong

Gewog: Serzhong  




Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

My experience and knowledge in law makes me a suitable candidate for the NC. I am also offering a choice to the people.

It is not enough for people with interest to serve but capable individuals have to contest to uphold the democracy and provide choice to people.

Sarpang being a commercial hub and witnessing rapid development, security is important for which I’ll review laws to uphold the sovereignty of the country.

As I have studied laws and policies of other countries, I will contribute to improve our laws and strengthen them.  I am prepared and mature enough to serve as the NC member from Sarpang.

While voting, I plead people to keep aside the differences and not to vote with love and compassion but for someone who will fulfil His Majesty’s thoughts and  to serve the country.


Tshering  Norbu

Age: 36 years

Village: Gelephu

Gewog: Thromde


Bachelors of Computer Applications

Work experience

ICT officer

Chief Administrative Officer in private company

Why should the people vote for you?

As a former civil servant and a private sector employee in Gelephu, I have gained tremendous work experience and understanding of the country’s overall development process.

In addition, being based in Sarpang has made me understand the pressing needs of the general public.

At a national level, I shall endeavour to address macro socio-economic issues such as youth unemployment, rural-urban migration and rising national debt.

I will closely work with national assembly members in resolving these challenges.

Capitalizing on Sarpang’s strength will be the top-most goal at Constitutional front. Given Sarpang’s proximity both internally and externally, agricultural potential and the landscape which best suits infrastructural development, I shall strive harder to ensure continued inclusive growth in Sarpang so that the spiral benefits are felt and shared by the state and other neighbouring dzongkhags.


Tshering Penjor

Age: 30 years

Village: Khatoe

Gewog: Jigmecholing 


BA Political Science (Hons)

Work experience


Program Officer in a CSO

Why should the people vote for you?

I truly believe and honour Lay Jung Drey and Tha Damtshi as the greatest human values as a candidate.

I commit to live and conduct by these values. I am a candidate with integrity, honesty and  hardworking disposition combined with bilingual communication skills and I am a very socialable person.

I seek to serve Tsawa-Sum and raise voice on behalf of the people of Sarpang if I am elected.

“Your Issues Matter, Your Votes Count”.


Ugyen Tshering Dorji

Age: 48 years

Village: Shompangkha

Gewog: Shompangkha


Master in Public Policy

Post Graduate Certificate in Development Management

Bachelors of Business Administration

Work experience

Civil Registration and Census Officer

Programme Coordinator

Senior Planning Officer

Why should the people vote for you?

I will strive to uphold the Constitution while reviewing and enacting laws which ensure the rule of the law.

With my 15 years of experience as a public servant, I will review policies which will strengthen income generation, youth employment and balanced development.

I pledge to constantly visit my dzongkhag to consult with the people about their problems and issues which will be noted whether it is related to development or others.

I will follow up the issues with the concerned authorities and later convey their decisions taken to the public in my next meeting with them.

I will be serving like a “bridge between the public and the concerned authorities”.


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