Leki Tshering

Age: 39 years

Village: Tshochenkha

Gewog: Geney


Bachelor of Education

Work experience


Why should the people vote for you?

Coming from a teaching background, I always believed in imparting good values. So here I offer an option to the people of Thimphu dzongkhag to vote for me. With utmost loyalty and dedication, I will give top priority to the sovereignty and the security of the country while I partake in legislation and law review functions.

I will ensure that the national interest, vision of our King and the people is well taken care.

Likewise, I will identify the problems in peoples’ lives and provide needy solutions.

I believe I am confident enough to lead for the benefit of my people and country.

As I always say, “I will be your voice, let it be your vote, and let me be your choice.”


Nima Gyeltshen

Age: 34 years

Village: Rama

Gewog: Chang


Bachelor of Social and Legal Sciences

Leadership programme for Parliamentarians, RIGSS.

Work experience

Worked in Tourism Industry.

Member of Parliament in National Council

Why should the people vote for you?

As I offer my profound gratitude to the people of Thimphu for having elected me as National Council member, I will use my own experience of last five years as a legislator of having interacted with various institutions and constituents from all walks of life.

I have learned and gained many experience in terms of policy review and law making concerning various issues of national importance, with this experience I can contribute to complete some important works that could not be completed in my first term due to lack of time.


Sangay Tshering

Age: 28 years

Village: Tshaluna

Gewog: Mewang  


B.Com (Major in accounting)

Work experience

Worked in private firm and a corporation

Why should the people vote for you?

Happiness is the ultimate goal of our livelihood. A happy society can be created through meaningful legislation and polices which respond to the voice of the citizen.

I am a self-motivated person and I wish to bridge the communication gap between the government and people by valuing concern of the people and in providing people with legislative development and their concerns thereof.

It starts with a vote – your vote. So, I am calling onto you for 2018 to mark your ballot change. We can together do this. The time has come for us “Youth” to take on those responsibilities. I wish and hope we are ready to challenge! Let’s work together and bring solutions that will change the country for the better.


Tshewang Rinzin

Age: 54 years

Village: Dazhi

Gewog: Kawang


Master in Educational Administration

Work experience

Computer Programmer,

Teacher, Principal

Dzongkhag Education Officer, Drungpa, Dzongdag

Why should the people vote for you?

To bring positive change to the people’s lives and the country at large, it’s important for the candidates to be well equipped with the required knowledge and experiences on the key issues the country is facing.

I had the opportunity to serve in the local governance for more than 15 years and engaging directly with common people.

With all my years working with people at the grass root level, I have come to learn and know the constraints they face and the potential areas where I can bring positive changes to their lives and to their community.

My long career in education enables me to relate to the problems the youth are facing in their daily lives. I’m confident that I’ll and can bring changes to the lives of both young and old, especially the disadvantaged with my qualifications and experiences.

I aspire to be the voice of those who remained unheard.

Tshokey Dorji

Age: 33 years

Village: Thim Throm

Gewog: Thim Throm


Bachelors of Laws,

Post Graduate Diploma in National Law

Work experience

Legal Officer


Why should the people vote for you?

A humble, practical and open person who has the requisite experience of having worked as a service provider in the civil service, private sector and having grown up in Thimphu within the public education system, I understand Thimphu and her woes and needs well.

As a lawyer, I have witnessed closely how laws affect lives. The rationale for any law must be thought out deeply and once enacted, no excuse justifies non-implementation, wholly or partially.

It is time we strengthen public trust in our criminal justice system. We need to lend it necessary support for the full force of law on evidence, equality before law and innocent until proven guilty come into effect. Towards this end, my educational background in addition to work experience is irrefutably relevant. These are a few but strong reasons the public would find agreeable to vote for me as their National Council representative.


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