Gyem Dorji

Age: 41  years

Village: Samcholing

Gewog: Drakteng  


MSc in Environmental Engineering

MSc in Environmental Technology for Sustainable Development

Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management and Heritage Conservation,

Diploma in Forestry Science

Work experience

Head of the plantation, Social forestry and extension division.

Dzongkhag Forestry Officer in Samtse and Trongsa.

Park Ranger

Why should the people vote for you?

A recipient of prestigious excellence service award- National Order of Merit

Silver- during 110th National Day at Haa from His Majesty. Coupling with that, I have

served in dzongkhag administration as a forestry sector head for more than a decade in Samtse and Trongsa. Having worked in dzongkhag particularly in Trongsa for more than 6 years had made me aware the challenges and socio-economic conditions of the gewogs under Trongsa. Knowing every nook and corner of the dzongkhag and working closely with them would be my strength and chances.


Tashi Samdrup

Age: 46  years

Village: Jongthang

Gewog: Nubi  


BSc in Environmental Management,

MSc in Mountain forestry

Work experience

Forestry Extension Officer, District Forest Officer


Why should the people vote for you?

My inspiration to participate in NC election comes from the support of the people who see potential in me to represent them in the Parliament. I would like to thank them for recognising me as their nominee, which motivates me to seek an opportunity to serve them well. My passion and interest to work at the policy level that impelled me to leave my profession and participate in the 2018 NC election as an aspiring candidate. With the qualification and wisdom I got from 24 years of experience in various agencies I may be able to help the general public in voicing out their concerns, frame and review realistic policies and rules to benefit all. Therefore, if I am given the privilege to serve as one of the national council members, I feel that I can prove my worth with new ideas, hope and change.



Age: 38  years

Village: Namthel

Gewog: Langthel  


Bachelor of Education

Master of Educational Administration and Management.

Work experience

School Principal

National Council Member

Why should the people vote for you?

I proudly fulfilled my role as their representative both in the Parliament and in my Constituency.

They saw promise in my abilities, initiatives, hardwork, commitment all for their benefits and services.

With my last 15 years of public service in Trongsa, people are more familiar with me and I am more familiar to their issues and concerns.


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