Kencho Tshering 

Age: 36 

Village: Chamkhar

Thromde: Chamkhar 


Advanced (post graduate) diploma in  Ecotourism Management

Work experience

Ten years as Gewog Administrative Officer at Department of Local Government, MoHCA

Why should the people vote for you?

Working for 10 years as a Gewog Administrative Officer at the grassroots level, which is one of the nearest government in terms of providing effective and efficient service delivery to the people, making local plans and consultating with the public, identifying problems in communities and coming up with solutions are some of the reasons why people should vote for me. I’ve encountered many problems with law and policies affecting the communitiess.

This is one of the key points why people of Bumthang should vote for me.



Age: 40 

Village: Gamling

Gewog: Tang 


MA Human Services Counselling

Work experience

Started my career as a teacher after PGCE in 2004; worked as a lecturer in Paro College of Education and is a Member of Parliament, National Council.

Why should the people vote for you?

People of Bumthang entrusted me with this rare privilege of serving as their representative in the National Council. I have learned many things in terms of policy review and lawmaking concerning various issues of national importance. With whatever experience I have gained by serving in the NC, if elected, I hope to contribute and complete some important tasks that could not be  completed in my first term owing to lack of time. I think it is important for NC to have people with experience, people who can listen to the issues of the constituents and also focus on national security and sovereignty.



Damcho Gyeltshen 

Age: 32 

Village: Chimuna

Gewog: Lokchina  


B.Com. (Finance)

Work experience

Non-formal Education Instructor, temporary teacher at Logchina Lower Secondary School, Administrative Assistant at Institute of Business Management (private), Phuentsholing

Why should the people vote for you?

I am honoured and privileged to participate from my community. I thank them for nominating me. In the democratic system, I have no doubt in people’s choice. If elected, I will work with the three key concepts of enthusiasm, commitment, and integrity.

I will work hard to serve the country, people, and the society.


Hem Kumar Ghalley 

Age: 32

Village: Wangdigatshel

Gewog: Phuentsholing  


BA Computer Applications

Work experience

Seven years in IT and other fields of business

Why should the people vote for you?

I am inspired by His Majesty the Fourth King and His Majesty The Fifth King’s vision. The nation’s future will mirror the quality of her youth because the future of our nation lies in the hands of our youth. I would collaborate with people from all walks of life to bring change in policies and planning.

I am approachable and energetic. I will never forget people after election and focus on serving them sincerely. Being a son of a farmer from a humble family, I know the challenges people face in the villages.


Kinlay Dorji 

Age: 34

Village: Omchhu

Gewog: Geling  


BA Language and Literature

Work experience

Worked in a call centre,

language teacher in Dr. Tobgyel School at Babisa, Land Record Assistant at National Land Commission, and tour guide.

Why should the people vote for you?

People should vote for me because they think that I have the capacity to serve King, Country, and the people.

I would raise their problems in the Parliament. I can be an example to their children. I can be a good leader in making good policies. I have the will to make everyone fulfill their aspirations by using the four pillars of the GNH.


Pema Tenzin 

Age: 40

Village: Shemagangkha

Gewog: Chapcha 


MA in Business Administration

Work experience

Human Resources Director, Uma COMO Group,

Member of Parliament, National Council.

Why should the people vote for you?

I am humbled by the trust and faith you put in me. Thank you for allowing me to represent you in the National Council for the last five years.

I request you for your support in the upcoming election.

I pledge to continue to work hard on your behalf and in the service of our Kings, Country and People.

I will act as an agent of change between the people and the government and continue to promote citizen engagement in democratic governance and development of communities.


Sangay Dorji 

Age: 38  

Village: Gedu

Gewog: Bongo 


Masters in Educational Management & Administration.

Work experience

Served 13 years as a principal.

Why should the people vote for you?

People today know whom they must vote for.

Besides qualification, people seek leadership qualities, experience, achievements, and social skills in dealing with people, and above all, somebody who can address their issues and concerns. To have such qualities, one must be experienced.

I’m confident to represent the people of my dzongkhag at all levels.

If the people of my dzongkhag want to see the change, they have the right person in me.


Tshewang Lhamo 

Age: 37

Village: Tshimasham

 Gewog: Bjachhog 


Post graduate diploma in Hospitality and Management.

Work experience

Member of Parliament, National Council from Chukha (2008-2013).

Worked in a star hotel in India and Bhutan.

Five years in construction industry.

Why should the people vote for you?

With five years of experience as a National Council (NC) member, I would like to reinvest my experience in the same field. Secondly, I have visited every nook and cranny of my dzongkhag as an NC member. I know the pertinent issues facing the people.

Moreover, I know where to take up these issues.


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