Tandin Wangdi from Chuba village in Dotey gewog is an aspirant candidate for the National Council elections from Paro.

The father of three is confident that his knowledge of issues in the dzongkhag and the people would earn him a seat in the House of review in the upcoming elections.

The 42-year-old former civil servant has worked in the dzongkhag as a culture officer for five years.

“As a sector head, I was involved in planning and execution of developmental activities in the dzongkhag,” Tandin Wangdi said. “I’ve been to every nook and corner and interacted with the people.”

Tandin Wangdi has a Bachelors degree from Institute of Language Cultural Studies, and a Masters in Public Administration from Canberra University, Australia.  After a two-year stint in teaching, he moved to home ministry from where he resigned as the senior administrative officer in November 2017.

“A few months ago, senior civil servants from Paro and retired officials asked me to stand as a candidate for the upcoming NC elections,” Tandin Wangdi said.

He said that he grew up in the village, toiled in the fields, and knows the hardships of the villagers.

“Having worked at various levels in the government, from dzongkhag to the ministry, I know how to address issues related to Paro,” he said.

Making Paro a model dzongkhag in culture and heritage to the rest of the country is one of the top priorities for him.

“The dzongkhag is the gateway to the country for tourists, and preserving and promoting culture and tradition including architecture is necessary,” he said.

He has started his familarisation of the gewog and nearby villages after registering with the Election Commission of Bhutan and informing the dzongkhag administration.

“I’m yet to do aggressive campaigning but since I know most of the people, it is going to be my biggest advantage in the race,” he said.

Tandin Wangdi’s hopes of winning are bolstered by the support from his family.

Tshering Palden