Sherub Wangmo | Intern

Many class X students of 2020, who could not participate in the Golden Youth Award (GYA) last year, showcased their talent virtually on August 8, where three boys and a girl were recognised as the top four outstanding youth.

Started in 2005 as a Golden Youth Award Camp and formally organised in 2008, GYA provides a platform for youth to showcase their talents beyond academics.

The Youth Development Fund organises the GYA annually to inspire and motivate youth to do better in life.

More than 80 students, selected from the 20 dzongkhags, gather in Thimphu to participate in the GYA annually, but YDF could not conduct the activity last year, impacting many aspiring students. The students, who were selected from the dzongkhags last year, but are studying in various schools were given the opportunity this year.

Kuensel talked to the four outstanding youth:

GYA winner

The GYA recipient 2020 is 16-year-old Sabin Limbu of Tendruk Central School in Samtse.

He said his father watched the live event on BBS. “He is my role model and I made him proud. His father is the vice principal of the school and an IT teacher.

Inspired by his father, Sabin wants to become a software developer in future. “I learnt a great deal about software during the lockdown and realised its importance,” he said.

Sabin said he spends most of his time reading.

“Books are my best friends,” he said. “I read everything, starting from adventure to philosophical ones. I have been to different places, faced different situations all through the books I read.”

He said reading books and his father’s guidance kept him always focused on his studies. “That is why I excelled academically and topped class since grade I.”

A teacher of Tendruk School said he is not surprised that Sachin won the award. “He is not only good in studies, but equally good in co-curricular activities.”

1st runner up

“I was so surprised when my name was announced,’’ Tempa Dorji, 18, from Rubesa said. The student of Samtengang Central School in Wangduephodrang is the first runner up of the award.

Tempa said that being the second eldest in the family, he was responsible from a very young age. “As a result, I excelled in studies always.” He is the class topper from Wangdue dzongkhag of the academic year 2020.

“I love coding but I want to become a doctor,” he said. “I feel like I can serve my country more by being a doctor.”

His mother is his idol. “Her love and care to the entire family and the responsibility that she shoulders made her a hero in my eyes from a very young age. His parents are farmers yet they support Tempa to dedicate his entire time on his studies.

“He is an intelligent, smart and creative student,” says one of his teachers. “He was a role model for other students in our school and now for the entire students in the country.”

2nd runner up

“I want to become a neurosurgeon,” says Yutsho Tsezin Wangchhuk, 16, the second runner up of GYA 2020.

She contested from Druk School, but is studying at The Royal Academy in Paro.

She said she initiated a project called, “Wait and Read” and distributed 115 books to schools, BHUs and FIFA offices in Wangduephodrang and Thimphu.  

Yutsho said she loves reading literature.

“My inspiration is our King,” she said. “The leadership of our King and the hardship that he goes through for the citizens of the country is an example that I look up to.”

Yutsho was second position holder of class X from Thimphu Thromde for the academic year 2020.

3rd runner up

“Whatever talent you have, show it. Don’t keep it for yourself,” Wangchuk Dorji said. The 17-year-old is the third runner up of GYA 2020.

He participated from Lungtenzampa Middle Secondary School and is now studying in Ugyen Academy.

Being the eldest, Wangchuk Dorji said he has been a hardworking boy.

“My dad is my idol,” he says. “The hard work that he does for the family was something that inspired me from an early age.”

He said he loves guiding, helping and taking initiatives. He was a vice captain when at Lungtenzampa School.

Apart from being an academic topper, Wangchuk Dorji loves games and sports. “I love playing football and Neymar (A Brazilian professional  footballer) is my favourite player,” he said. “But I want to become an engineer, not a footballer.”

Edited by Tashi Dema