Kuenjung FC beat Zhowong Clan FC 3-2 to win the Gathuen Futsal Tournament on Saturday in Thimphu.

The first 10 minutes saw Kuenjung FC dominate ball possession but failed to score after the goalkeeper of Zhowong Clan FC made several important saves.

Ugyen of Kuenjung FC capitalised on a miss pass made by the Zhowong Clan FC goalkeeper and scored the first goal of the match.

The second half of the match saw more goals as Dawa of Kuenjung FC extended their lead with a powerful shot past  Zhowong Clan FC goalkeeper.

A solo effort from Dawa of Kuenjung FC saw him dribble past 2 Zhowong Clan FC players before finally going round the goalkeeper to score the third goal for Kuenjung FC.

However, Zhowong Clan FC was quick to answer as Hem Kumar and Ngawang Samphel scored a goal each to reduce the goal deficit for Zhowong Clan FC.

In the dying minutes of the game, Zhowong Clan FC had the chance to equalise from the spot kick but the shot went straight to the goalkeeper for an easy save.

Captain of Kuenjung FC, Jamyang Gyeltshen, said this was a proud moment for the club and its players.

“We do not have excellent players in our team, but it is teamwork that we owe our success to,” he said.

 Kuenjung FC received a cash prize of Nu 14,000.  Zhowong Clan FC took home Nu 9,000.

Kinley Tshering Dendup