Management: The Nahi gewog administration officer post has remained vacant for more than two years now.

Despite the long wait and several requests, the gewog never received a replacement. The dzongkhag had to appoint the gewog’s agriculture extension officer as the officiating administration officer prior to the recent local government election, as the gewog office was left with  its only staff, the clerk.

But Nahi was not the only gewog without an administration officer. Around five months ago, Dangchu gewog was also left without a gewog administration officer after their’s was transferred to Athang gewog.

Nahi Gup Kinley Tenzin said that without a gewog administration officer it is difficult to start with the gewog’s work, and that not having prior experience makes it challenging. The gewog was struck with a flash flood a few days prior to the local government election, that washed away three bridges and affected several chiwogs.

As a newly elected local leader, the gup is finding it challenging to understand issues. Without the support of an administration officer.

The gewog’s former local leaders had raised the issue at previous dzongkhag tshogdus, from where it was forwarded to concerned authorities in Thimphu but no replacements have been dispatched yet.

Nahi Gup Kinley Tenzin said that he has discussed the issue verbally with the dzongdag, who responded positively. He is soon planning to write to the dzongkhag.

Kinley Tenzin said that while the gewog has an agriculture extension officer it does not have a livestock extension officer. The gewog has been without a livestock officer for a year.

Dangchu Gup Sonam Dorji said the gewog was also functioning without a gewog administration officer for five months. The former gewog administration officer was transferred a few months before the local government election. “We have put up the replacement requisition with the dzongkhag administration, from where it was forwarded to the local government office in Thimphu. But as of now we have not received any response or replacement,” said the gup.

Meanwhile, the public of Athang and Daga gewogs are blaming officials for keeping the renewable natural resources (RNR) office at Daga closed and for failing to provide livestock related services when required.

It has been nine months since the RNR office in Daga gewog, that caters to people of Athang and Daga was left without a livestock extension officer.

Gewog officials said people are frustrated as many come from far flung villages, walking for hours with sick livestock or wounded dogs only to return home with no services.

Officials said they did seek help from the dzongkhag livestock division during emergencies. However, they said that having their own extension staff at the gewog RNR office would be easier than calling officers from the dzongkhag. The gewog is located around 35km away from the dzongkhag.

Dawa Gyelmo | Wangdue