Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Landlords in Trashigang are waiving off rents to help tenant who are directly or indirectly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

One of the landlords, Pema, waived 50 percent off rent for the tenants for three months beginning this month.

“I was inspired by His Majesty The King risking his own life and visiting all the places to protect the country and the people from Covid-19,” he said. “We all can contribute in our smalls ways to help the nation fight this pandemic.”

Pema said he earns Nu 30,000 from his property.  “There are those who can pay and there are those who cannot. But we are all affected by the pandemic in different ways. We have got to help each other in these difficult times.”

One of Pema’s tenants, who is a civil servant, said rent waiver came as a big relief to his family. “Our needs changed overnight. Challenges are growing by the day.”

Freymo, a landlady in Trashigang town, waived 50 percent off for her tenants.

“I will extend the waiver if the situation deteriorates,” Freymo said. One of her tenants, Phuntsho, said that he might even have to apply for kidu.

Karma Choden is not asking rent from one of her tenants who ran a Karaoke in the town.

Tashi Yangki said that she was discussing rent waiver with her family members. “I am a business person too and know how this pandemic has affected everyone of us.”

As of yesterday, four landlords has weave off rent in Trashigang town.