The Gol (round) Building in Phuentsholing would be dismantled in the next six months. Works to demolish the building has started since January 14.

Kinsam construction who quoted Nu 1.25 million (M) to do the job is hiring 50 demolition men from Kolkata, India. These labourers are skilled in dismantling of buildings.

As the building lies in the heart of Phuentsholing town, safety would be the highest priority, according to an official with the National Housing Development Corporation Limited (NHDCL) in Phuentsholing, Sangay Khandu.

“Green net would be put in the entire building when they work,” he said.”

The contractor would bring down the building from top manually.

“Excavators will be used only from the second floor,” Sangay Khandu said.

Kinsam construction’s proprietor Pema Namgyel said the establishment works had started at the site. Bamboo scaffoldings are being installed at the moment.

“I am also worried about the safety,” he said. “But the contract document terms and conditions are all clear.”

Along with the green net for safety, the site would be fenced to keep traffic under control. Although not mentioned in the tender document, CGI sheets would also be used to cover the entire building at the lower areas to ensure safety of pedestrians, Pema Namgyel said.

He also said that he would talk to thromde and the traffic office in Phuentsholing to secure the spaces so that works could be carried out without disturbances. He plans to finish the work in five months.

Gol building was constructed in 1968 as a three-storied building. It was vertically extended to the existing height of six stories later.

It has 65 residential apartments and 20 commercial units, which are empty now. Tenants staying there were relocated in July last year.

After the Gorchim is dismantled, NHDCL  would build another landmark building in the same area and the works for this new structure would begin this year.

NHDCL officials have confirmed last year the new building would be used as an office and commercial purposes as per the Local Area Plan.

About Nu 140M would be invested it is estimated.

Rajesh Rai  | Phuentsholing