Transport: Laya gewog is once again cut off after the bridge at Koina was washed away around 10am yesterday following two days of continuous rainfall.
Koina is where people traveling to Laya stop for the first night. It is the first bridge between Gasa and Laya and connects Laya with other parts in Gasa after Tongchudrak bridge.


Remains of the Koina bridge (Photo courtesy: Sangay Khandu, NC)

The gewog remained cut off from the rest of Gasa for about two weeks after the Memari lake outburst swept away Tongchukdrak bridge, about two hours walk from Koina, on June 28.
Laya mangmi Tshewang said the expedition led by the department of hydro-met services to assess Memari lake in Laya had crossed the river before the bridge was washed away. The team has reached Gasa.
However, the porters and ponies carrying the team’s belongings were stranded in Koina.
Tshewang said they have informed the dzongkhag administration, and are discussing how to solve the problem.
“There is no alternative route, and people can’t cross the river as the water level has risen,” he said.
Meanwhile, Lingzhi gewog also remains cut off from Thimphu after it lost four bridges that connect it to the district headquarters to the swollen streams in early June. Residents are using the alternative route from Paro, which is expensive and takes longer as they have to hire taxis.
Lingzhi gewog administrative officer, Sonam Tshewang, said three bridges were swept away while another was heavily damaged requiring complete restoration. Lingzhi gewog is the farthest gewog in Thimphu dzongkhag. The gewog has nine villages with 76 households.
By Dawa Gyelmo


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