Dechen Dolkar 

The leadership assessment for officers in P1 Management (P1M) level which is going to start soon is not to manage the individuals out if they don’t perform well, according to the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC).

The assessment, the commission says, is part of a process to identify potential candidates for executive or higher-level positions.

RCSC will conduct a leadership assessment for officers in P1 Management (P1M) position level from November 12.

As per the RCSC record, there are around 423 P1 managerial post-holders so far.

P1M forms the critical talent pool for leadership positions and this assessment is expected to provide the executive selection process with more accurate data points for merit-based selections.

According to an RCSC official, all P1M officers who wish to be considered for executive-level positions are strongly encouraged to participate. “It is not compulsory for all to participate in the leadership assessment.”

“However, performing well in this assessment alone does not guarantee a P1M officer’s appointment to an executive position nor will this assessment be used as the sole criteria to exit officers,” the official said.

The official said that the P1 assessment is only an eligibility assessment and if they want to be eligible for an executive position, they must get through the assessment to be eligible.

“It is one of the criteria to apply for executive-level posts,” the RCSC official said.

The assessment will be based on the RCSC’s Leadership Capability Framework (LCF). The RCSC will be conducting these leadership assessments regularly and officers may opt to apply for subsequent leadership assessment sessions.

This year’s leadership assessment will take place online. The online application system will be open from 2pm to 8pm on November 12. Candidates need to submit a 500-word essay as part of the application.

There will be three rounds of assessments.

The first round of assessment will be based on the evaluation of the essays, candidates who meet baseline requirements will be selected for the next round of assessments.

For the second round of assessment, candidates will have to submit their responses to a series of time-limited Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) and a one-page job scope and achievements on the job write-up, before participating in group discussion.

Each selected candidate will be put through an individual interview at the third and final round of assessment.

Meanwhile, the RCSC said that they are still working on the panellists who will conduct the assessments.