Ceiling pipes of the new vegetable market building in Phuentsholing have been leaking and causing inconveniences to vendors at the ground floor.

The three-storied structure was completed last year and vendors took over the stalls in October 2018.

Vendors at the ground floor sell dried and packed chillies, puffed rice and traditional incenses.

About 10 vendors of two stalls were affected.

A vendor’s incenses were damaged when it rained last week.

Another vendor had to protect all his products with tarpaulin sheetswhile some vendors left the stalls empty.

Vendors say they informed the thromde office but nothing has been done so far.

Kuensel found that water also collected due to a poor drainage, making it difficult to walk across while raining.

The in-charge of the vegetable market building from thromde, Jamtsho Drukpa said he knew about the problem and that people affected had complained several times to him.

“I have reported this to the management,” he said.

The vegetable building was constructed by Gayjur construction. Thromde has informed the contractor.

Rajesh Rai  | Phuentsholing