Review: The predicament women face in this modern day and age, especially those that are not educated is well portrayed in Lekzin, the first film by debutant director Druksel Dorji.

Based on a little girl’s story that is known as Lekzin, the movie evokes a lot of emotion – from shock, sadness, and happiness to comfort as the film unfolds.

Kuenzang Lhamo, a debutant child actor, plays Lekzin and she captures the audience’s heart with her impeccable acting skills.

Lekzin is left stranded near Changangkha Lhakhang in Thimphu when her mother, played by Lhaki Dolma, fails to return from a short trip to a shop. The audience is left in shock wondering how a mother can leave a child in a new place. One wonders of the mother’s intention often judging her decision.

Like a blessing in disguise, Dorji Wangmo, known as Aum Om, comes to Lekzin’s rescue. Dorji Wangmo sells porridge and snacks, which is her only means of income while her husband works as a security guard, and life is hard for the couple.

When Dorji Wangmo brings Lekzin home, she is faced with many hardships, as she is a victim of domestic violence, as her husband is an alcoholic. It’s heart wrenching to watch Dorji Wangmo and Lekzin go through tough times but they emerge stronger and love each other with deep affection like a real mother and daughter.

The emotions are well portrayed by the actors throughout the movie.

Despite being his new movie, Druksel Dorji, has managed to portray a mature stance towards the issues faced by women today. His attempt to capture people’s attention and raise awareness on domestic violence is laudable.

It’s a must see movie if one is curious to find out the journey of Lekzin’s life. It’s given that the audience will not leave the hall without tears and a heavy heart.

Lekzin is currently being screened in the City Cinema hall in Thimphu. The movie is about one hour and 30 minutes long.

Thinley Zangmo