Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Two men in Jangbi village in Langthel Gewog, Trongsa were attacked by a common leopard that entered their house around 9pm on September 27.

The men were referred to the national referral hospital for treatment yesterday.

According to sources, the leopard had entered the house chasing a cat. During the time of the accident, there were only two of them in the house. Sources said that one of the victims, a 40-year-old man, had come for a sleepover at the other victim’s house.

It was learnt that when the leopard entered the house and started attacking the men, the other person who was asleep woke up and started to chase the animal. However, his actions led the leopard to attack him as well.

The victims suffered injuries to their faces and head. Before being referred to Thimphu, the men were admitted to the Trongsa hospital.

Meanwhile, people in the nearby villages are terrified after the incident. Tshewang from Wangling village said that given the close proximity of their village to the forest, there were frequent sightings of leopards in the wild. “However, hearing the news of the animal attacking people, we are now afraid to go beyond our village.”

Sangay Dorji from Jangbi village said that after the incident, people have started to herd cattle in groups. “Everyone is worried as this kind of attack has happened for the first time. Some say that the leopard is still lurking around the village.”

Edited by Tshering Palden