Suddenly, after a very long time, we are having to deal with a surging case of Covid-19 positive cases.

There are two ways to look at the problem—we still haven’t understood enough about Omicron; and we are becoming by far too complacent with the threats from the virus that we still simply call it Covid-19.

At the same time, the question arises: are the task forces to blame for the rising cases of infection, particularly in the border towns? We can, and, we cannot. There are so many things on the line that are, somehow, the preserve of the “power”, in our case, “power’ being a term used so fluidly.

Whoever is the “power”, though, the time has come now, to not only tell us how far a leap we must take, but also why we must do so. “Vague terms” and “assurances” we have had many; they don’t help.

The threat from the kind of virus we are facing today won’t go away easily. When science is one step behind the evolution of the virus, precaution is the best recourse.

Are we losing it? So it appears.

The nation faces the anger and fatigue of the people who are having to go through a “tough” system of ensuring safety—for all; but then, the very safety net that we have built is becoming the loose end from where the system itself can be questioned.

All things can be held together if the system itself is strong and indissoluble.

Medically, the world is hitting the peak in relation to the attack of the unrelenting virus. Panic was the natural response. Unfortunately, we are still holding on to it.

That doesn’t mean we should all go berserk. Control the infection and give it time to sink in—let the disease or the virus settle. We live in times of better sciences. But, more importantly, we are in the age when we can effectively manage the common threats easily.

Does this mean we should open all our doors to Covid-19 and its many variants? No! Let the virus settle and kill the line of mutation itself.

The natural question is: how do we do that? Is this even possible?

The answer is: we give the virus only so much space where it can kill itself totally. That it is possible is now proven.

“Totally” is only a medical term, like we use in the case of polio and malaria. The disease or the virus will live in some of us but will be far less reduced in power to rattle us to shreds. The virus or the disease must become “endemic.”

The smaller the threat, the bigger our chances to fight. That’s why care and protocols are more important. That’s why there is wisdom in our efforts to keep the virus at bay.