HIV and AIDS are becoming serious problems in the country.  The health system in the country must now be more proactive.

In the recent months, already 32 people were detected with HIV/AIDS.  This is some journey since the first detection we made of this serious disease. We need to be worried. We are a small society; the risk we face is serious.

The threat we face is critical. We need to beef up our efforts to stop the disease from spreading.

We are facing threat from outside. That’s why we need to be extra worried.  Already 492 people are affected and 52 are dead. As sex is natural, danger we face is serious. How are we dealing with it?

We have massive condom campaigns. But we know that many people do not prefer safe sex. We are facing a real danger.

With development, modernity has come. And with it sex has become open and free.

Talking about condoms, we need to figure out why it should be so expensive. Could we not encourage our people to use it without having to pay?

Misuse of condoms is one thing but we should never give up in our efforts to protect the citizens against this serious disease. Our heath system has done much, but we need to do more.

Our campaigns must reach every individual.  Are we doing enough?

These are small but important measures.  Condoms have become essential elements in the textile industry, which is a shame, because we are not using it for the intended purpose.

Yes, we have made efforts to prevent HIV and AIDS since the first detection. But we need to do more. Why can’t we supply free condoms in hotels, for example? There will be costs involved, but protecting our people from the deadly disease is more important.

HIV and AIDS are going to become the biggest scourge for us. We need to be extra careful. Make condoms freely available.

HIV and AIDS are diseases that we have not found a cure for yet.  That’s why we have to be serious. How are we screening people that come from outside, for example?