The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has suspended the business operations and activities of Lhaimetog Exports and Imports based in Chubachu, Thimphu with immediate effect after finding a prima facie case of corruption.

Kuensel learnt that the Lhaimetog Exports and Imports has reportedly evaded tax while exporting goods worth Nu 90 million to a third country.  ACC officials were not available for comment.

The Anti-Corruption Act of Bhutan 2011 states that the commission, upon finding of a prima face case of corruption, suspends a license, or prohibits an individual or entity whether national or foreign from participating in contractual relations with public agencies till pending the out come of the case.

The suspension order, which was issued through public notice on October 12, stated that individuals or business entity is prohibited from entering into any business activity directly or indirectly using the license after suspended till pending of the outcome of the case.

“Non-compliance to the commission’s lawful demand constitutes an offence under section 113 (1)(c) of the ACA,” stated the suspension order.

Staff Reporter