But residents are allowed to work in farms

Chimi Dema | Tsirang

Dagana dzongkhag implemented the first phase of smart lockdown relaxations from yesterday but Lhamoidzingkhag town is categorised a yellow zone after detecting five positive Covid-19 cases from December 21 to 31.

Movement of people within Lhamoidzingkha drungkhag is limited to cardholders only but residents could tend to farm work with a maximum of five family members.

Drungpa Kinley Dorji said that with the town declared a yellow zone, the drungkhag is still following zoning system like the usual lockdown.

The movement of vehicles for emergencies within the drungkhag is allowed only with approval from security personnels. People who want to travel out of the drungkhag will need to undergo seven-day mandatory quarantine and RT-PCR test.

The essential shops are allowed to remain open from 8am to 4pm. Funeral rites with minimal gathering will be permitted with prior approval from the incident commander. No construction and sporting activities are permitted.

All institutions, schools, regional offices and business entities including hotels, restaurants and bars would remain closed.

As part of mass testing, more than 1,200 individuals in the drungkhag were tested for the virus so far. A total of 34 primary contacts of the positive cases are kept in facility quarantine and 29 under strict home quarantine.

Meanwhile, residents in other 11 gewogs in the dzongkhag are allowed to move intra dzongkhag but movement of vehicles are restricted to only emergency and utility. Travel of stranded people and emergency cases would be facilitated after carrying out an antigen test.

Business entities such as groceries, hardware, workshops, bakeries, electronic and garment shops are allowed to operate from 8am to 7pm. Restaurants are allowed to open with takeaway services. The weekend vegetable market will remain closed.

Except for funeral rites, no other religious activities and celebrations are allowed. Construction activities that can mobilise labourers and resources from within the dzongkhag are allowed.

While schools and offices will remain closed, financial institutions are allowed to operate with a minimum number of staff.

Meanwhile in Tsirang, all boarding schools operate in containment mode with day scholar students facilitated online.

All construction activities not requiring travelling beyond the worksites are allowed and transportation of construction materials is permitted with movement cards.

Except for hotels, restaurants, bars, karaoke, barber, saloon, spa, snookers, all business entities are allowed to operate. Meat shops and automobile workshops are not allowed to open.

Cremation services are permitted with not exceeding 20 people.

Movement of vehicle is restricted to only utility and emergencies. Surveillance team would monitor in-bound travellers.