The Lhuentse dzongkhag education office will write to the education ministry, requesting for an up-gradation of Minji Middle Secondary School (MMSS) to a central school in the 12th Plan.

Lhuentse dzongkhag tshogdu on August 18 deliberated on the issue and resolved that the education sector should request the ministry.

The chief education officer, Ugyen Pem, said that although the public and gewog officials want to upgrade MMSS into a central school, the education office did not find it feasible since the school is located near a marshy area and is prone to landslides. “Some teachers had to shift their house because of the landslide.”

She said that millions of budget was spent to stabilise the land and unless some land stability measures are taken, it will be risky to expand the school campus.

Minji gup Tashi Norbu said the school has good infrastructure. “It would benefit the local people and the education sector if the infrastructure is used for central school.”

He said that when the education minister, secretary, directors and other officials visited the school, they said that the school’s location is good and will be upgraded.

The gup said that the school’s academic block, kitchen and hostels are spacious to accommodate more students.

Minji gup said the landslide near the school occurs every monsoon but it has not caused major damage to date.

MMSS principal, Karma Wangdi, said that if the school were upgraded to a central school, it would benefit the students and their parents.

Ugyen Pem said that the education office, however, forwarded the report of the public requesting to upgrade MMSS to a central school to the education ministry. “We are waiting for the response.”

Meanwhile, Metsho gup Gembo said there is a need for boarding facilities in Gortshom Primary School, as students have to travel more than an hour and a half every morning and evening.

The gup said that although the students are provided breakfast and lunch, there is no boarding facility. The school has 124 students and nine teachers.

After a thorough deliberation, DT chairperson Kinzang Minjur resolved that the school would be provided with boarding facility in the 12th Plan.

Tashi Phuntsho | Minji